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Save the Date! Our next meeting will feature Lisa Scafidi, Director of patient safety at Children's Hospital

  • 17 Oct 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Boulevard Woodgrill 2901 Wilson Blvd (Clarendon) Arlington, VA 22201
Lisa Scafidi, Director of patient safety at Children's Hospital, will present a program on how Human Factors and Usability initiatives have dramatically improved patient safety and reduced the occurrence of adverse events at the hospital. Her successes in this endeavor and the positive effects on both staff and patients is a fantastic story about Human Factors and not to be missed. 

Presentation Summary:
Over the last year, the nation has watched well respected organizations face game-changing damage to their reputation. The stories follow a similar track: if only someone had listened and responded in time to prevent the harm. Most hospitals think they have good systems for reporting and responding to threats. But do they? How can a board of directors or a CEO or a management team be sure? 

Creating a culture of transparency where it is not only safe to speak up but a board and leadership sanctioned employment expectation is imperative to eliminating serious preventable harm to patients. Children’s National adopted a broad strategy with an end goal of heighten risk awareness, and rapid and effective identification and containment of problems. Elements included an organizational Daily Check In for safety, lead and attended by leadership with 46 departments/ units/ areas across the company, rolling out a Human Resource Just Culture program, mandatory new employee Error Prevention Training, creating custom reports on incident data to be used by managers at staff meeting to promote transparency, closed loop communication, employee engagement and performance improvement, a weekly CEO and Leadership Council safety and service case report, common cause analysis coding of all serious safety events and other notable incidents and the launch of a PSO (Patient Safety Organization) to promote shared learning about events of preventable harm across healthcare organizations which has been difficult due to limitations related to peer review protections.

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